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Good Credit

The Best Car Finance Solution

  • checkmark Get an instant, no obligation quote
  • checkmark Rates from 7.9% APR
  • checkmark Borrow up to £50,000
  • checkmark Buy from any reputable dealer
  • checkmark No deposit required
  • checkmark We don’t charge any fees!

Bad Credit

Car Finance for Bad Credit

  • checkmark Get an instant, no obligation quote
  • checkmark Rates from 19.9% APR
  • checkmark Borrow up to £25,000
  • checkmark Buy from any reputable dealer
  • checkmark No deposit required
  • checkmark We can help even if you’ve been declined elsewhere


Car Finance for Self-Employed

  • checkmark Self-employed and company directors
  • checkmark Taxi or Uber driver finance
  • checkmark Borrow up to £50,000 for self-employed car or van credit
  • checkmark Buy from any reputable dealer
  • checkmark No accounts required
  • checkmark Get acceptance quote in under 2 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are looking to apply for car credit online, then at Finance365 we can help! Our short online car finance application is easy to complete - we just need a few details - and we'll give you an answer straight away!

    The good news is that your online application will not affect your credit score, as we do what is known as a ‘soft search’, so the initial online car loan application will not show up on your credit history.

    Even if you have a poor credit history and need car finance, we can still help. So why not apply for car finance online today?

  • Even if you have been declined car finance elsewhere, at Finance365 we may still be able to help you. This is because we have a wide range of car loans and car financing options available, so can typically offer car finance to customers who may have struggled to get car loans through other lenders and brokers.

    Once we have received your car finance application and as responsible car finance broker, we will review your financial position and match you to the most suitable car loan lender on our panel.

    Of course, no car finance is guaranteed and if we feel that a car loan is not appropriate for you at the moment, we will tell you.

  • You may often see advertisements proclaiming you can get guaranteed car finance, but in essence, no one can legally provide a guaranteed car loan unless they run a full credit check and review your financial situation.

    While some car loan providers may say they can guarantee car finance (also known as no credit check car finance), you may wish to avoid these, as reputable car finance lenders and brokers cannot guarantee car finance without checking your credit history.

    At Finance365, we are responsible car finance brokers who will only guarantee car finance once we have checked your credit history and matched you to a suitable lender from our panel of car finance specialists.

  • Providing the vehicle is from a reputable UK motor dealer, then yes, you can buy your car from any dealer. This means that you have lots of choice and are not tied to buying a car from one particular place, so you can get your perfect vehicle.

    And because we make sure that all the car dealers we work with are thoroughly vetted, this helps protect you from any problems - should they happen - down the line.

    At Finance365, our aim is to provide cost-effective car finance that enables you to buy from any reputable dealer, backed with peace of mind.

  • In most cases, after completing your initial car finance application, we can give a decision almost immediately and will let you know by email.

    Sometimes, however, it may take us a little longer to match you to the car finance lender who is providing the most cost-effective car loan for you. If this is the case, then we will keep you fully up to date and contact you within a few hours of your car finance application.

    So, in a nutshell, if you don’t hear from us immediately after you have applied for car finance, don’t worry! This means that we trying to find you the most appropriate deal.

  • To be eligible for car credit, then you need to be aged 18 years old or over, live in the UK, and be in employment. (Though we do have lenders who can help if you are a student, retired, self-employed, if you work part time or are a taxi driver).

    When you apply for car finance we will need to see a proof of income, proof of address history, and your driving licence.

    If you meet the rest of the criteria but need bad car credit finance or do not have a deposit, please still get in touch. In most cases we may still be able to help as we have a wide range of lenders on our panel.

  • Even if you have a bad credit score, and / or CCJ’s or IVA’s, then in most cases we can help! We work with a large panel of car finance lenders, many who understand that sometime in the past, you may have experienced financial difficulty.

    This means we can try and match you with the lender whose profile you meet, and who offers cost-effective car loans – even if you need bad car finance credit.

    You can help your chances of being accepted by having a deposit or an existing vehicle that can be used in part-exchange.

    Of course, if we feel it is not in your best interest to be accepted for car finance, then, as reputable car loan providers, we may refuse your application.

  • When you initially apply for car finance online, we will run what is known as a ‘soft search’ to get an overview of your financial status – this will not show up on your credit history.

    Once we have matched you to a suitable lender, however, and you have agreed to proceed with the car loan, then we will carry out a full credit check.

    This is because we can verify your income and financial status and then make a decision that the car loan is appropriate for you.

    If you see car loans that are advertised as ‘no credit check car finance’, we would recommend that you try a different broker or lender, as reputable lenders, such as ourselves, are legally obliged to carry out a credit check before offering finance.

  • Once you have applied for car finance online, we will let you know what the expected APR will be based on your credit profile. Our APR’s start at 7.9% for a strong credit profile and rise in line with your credit status.

    You can use our online car finance calculator on our home page to get a rough idea of what you could be paying every month for your car finance.

    Note that while we do offer 0% deposit car finance, if you do have a deposit for your next car or have a vehicle for part-exchange, while this won’t affect the amount of interest (the APR) you are charged, it means you will typically pay less overall in interest.

  • Providing you are eligible to apply for car credit, once your initial car finance application has been completed and we have reached a decision, we will need proof of your identity.

    While each lender has their own identity verification policies, typically you will need to provide a proof of income, proof of address history, and your driving licence.

    Sometimes, some lenders may require more proof, such as proof of ID (passport), proof of signature (back of debit card) and, possibly, bank statements.

    You will need to be a UK resident, aged 18 or over, too.

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