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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you’re looking to apply for a car loan and your credit rating is below average, then Finance365 we can help you! We’re a specialist bad credit car finance provider in the UK helping thousands of motorists to buy a car of their dream.

    We can get your finance application approved even if you have CCJs, defaults, IVA’s or you’re self-employed.

  • Even if you have been refused elsewhere, we may be able to help you. We have a wide range of cheap car loan deals, so can typically offer car finance to customers who may have struggled to get accepted through other lenders and brokers.

    We’re specialists in refused car loans and typically 2 out of 3 applications get accepted. Please apply now to get your free no obligation quote.

  • You may often see advertisements proclaiming you can get guaranteed car finance, but in essence, no one can legally provide a guaranteed car loan unless they run a full credit check and review your financial situation.

    We’re responsible car finance brokers who will only guarantee car finance once we have checked your credit history and matched you to a suitable lender from our panel of car finance specialists.

  • You can buy your car from any reputable dealer. This means that you have lots of choice and are not tied to buying a car from one particular place, so you can get your perfect vehicle.

    And because we make sure that all the car dealers we work with are thoroughly checked. We also do personal loan finance deals to help you buy a car privately.

  • Even if you don’t have a strong credit history, we’re able to find you a deal that will suit your budget and requirements.

    There are several ways when we can help customers with poor or no credit, so apply now and one of our experts will contact you immediately to discuss your budget and monthly repayments.

  • We’re car finance for really bad credit providerand in most cases we can help you. We work with a large panel of lenders, many who understand that sometime in the past, you may have experienced financial difficulty.

    This means we can try and match you with the lender whose profile you meet, and who offers cost-effective car loans – even if you need bad car finance credit.

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