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Bad credit car finance

Even though you have bad credit, the chances of your continuing to earn a living might still rely on your having access to a reliable car or van of your own.

Here at Finance365 we recognise the need for bad credit car finance and so, make every effort to line you up with a willing finance company, however bad your credit rating. We specialise in matching anyone with bad credit who is looking for the finance to buy their vehicle, with those selected lenders who are prepared to do so.

Since it is often the case that those who already have a bad credit rating also lack the funds to put down any kind of deposit on which many lenders insist, we also have lenders who arrange 0% deposit car finance, so you have to find no upfront payment at all.

Credit checks

Whenever you apply for credit – when you want to buy a car, for example – the finance company asks one of the credit reference agencies about your history of managing previous borrowing. The response takes into account events such as:

  • late or defaulted payments on loans you have had in the past;
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) that you might have had to make to settle outstanding accounts with your creditors;
  • County Court Judgments (CCJs) may have been issued against you as creditors pursue outstanding debts; or
  • you might even have been declared bankrupt.

If your record makes reference to any of these events, you are almost certain to have a bad credit rating – which is enough for many lenders to reject any current application for finance.

Quotation searches

Although we are here to restore your confidence in securing car finance, it remains the case that any lender is still going to check your current credit rating – and any bad credit status is bound to emerge before any funds are advanced.

Your problems are likely to be made still worse if any application results in a rejection, since this is also noted by the relevant credit reference agencies – resulting in your credit rating being still more adversely affected.

For that reason, we make an initial assessment of the likelihood of your formal application being accepted. This is often called a “soft search” or “quotation search” which does not involve the credit reference agencies at all and therefore has no effect on your credit rating.

What it does give both ourselves and you, however, is a degree of confidence that the chosen lender with whom you make a formal application is likely to approve it.

Bad credit car finance specialists

So that you know exactly how much your car finance is likely to cost, our webpage has a special bad credit car finance calculator built into it.

All you need do is fill in the amount you want to borrow and how long you want the loan to last, and our calculator shows you not only the cost of the monthly repayments required, but also the total amount of interest that is payable, the rate of interest charged and the total amount you repay over the entire term of the loan.

Once you are happy with those figures, simply complete our simple online application and one of our experts will get in touch with you by return.

If your credit rating is considered especially bad, for example, it might be suggested that you enlist the help of a guarantor for any borrowing you propose.

Either way, we aim to get your loan application approved, underwritten and paid out to you the very same day – so you are free to buy your car from any reputable dealer.

How much do you want to borrow?

Over how many months?

 Monthly repayments of £
Total repayable £
Representative APR 7.9%
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